This crude oil painting is more about expressing a philosophical social statement
than technique or style in application.
The round object on the back of the bearded man in the center of the foreground is the earth from an outer space birds eye view.
To the left of the man on all fours with the weight of the world on his back is a woman with a cross in the hand behind her back.
This woman is representing religion and belief in the spiritual world, you notice a figure on the ground with an expression of torment, this being her soul.
On the other side you see a man with a gadget behind his back and enclosure around his head to symbolize science and technology.
The figure on the ground in front of him is a human form in the shape of matter.
The shape of matter does not have a face or head like the other side
where the woman soul has a head symbolizing a conscience state of spiritual being.
The matter shape represents a decomposing body,
the scientific description of death after life with nothing else beyond.
Behind these front images you see people all over that are in holes trying to climb out, they symbolize the victims of science and technology trying to keep up with change yet falling further behind.
Behind all these people in holes you see some robotic type figures with a spacecraft type of object.
They represent the state of mind and perfection necessary to keep them out of the holes and a carrier to take them away from that problem of being stuck in a hole.
You also see stoneage type of three piece pillars that represent arches to the left
and right and also across the back a row of stone shapes.
The sky in this painting is a red color, this idea was brought about by listening to a couple of music recordings while painting this canvas: Red Skies by The Fixx, and The Supermen by David Bowie.