This Digital Painting Created With:
Art Rage, Corel Painter, and Corel Draw.

The idea expressed in this painting was structured to be a surrealistic form of expression.  My intentions were to create some type of universal interpretation of expressionism in this image.  The possibilities of interpretation are limited to your own creativity and imagination.  You might interpret this in many ways.

From a financial point of view building a safeguard of investments that could protect you from drowning in debt when hard times occur.  This could represent some psychological form of protecting yourself from anguish and pain.
From a religious point of view something similar to Noah's Ark. Maybe the end times as in Revelation.

The symbolic interpretation of the tombstone with RIP and death involves something metaphysical or symbolic.
Artists die when they lose their will to survive such as the anguish and pain that Van Gogh must have suffered before committing suicide.  In that case the death actually occurred in those moments of hopelessness before the actual physical death.  Death could be a sociological concept meaning outside the rat race and losing the chase for a better life of upward mobility through the system and all of its manipulated and fixed structure of control.  Again, the RIP could symbolize a victimized and dead psychological and spiritual motivation as a result of a cruel world where one has learned from past mistakes how to safeguard against the same mistake occurring again.

Personally I have an abstract view of this painting where the sand represents the raw materials that a computer processing chip is made from. Within that world of a computer you can keep your mind active with technology and stop the depressing thoughts of the world outside that everyone seems to be drowning in. Although your world may appear dead and zombie like to outsiders looking in, it is your form of protection from thoughts about the reality of the world that you would drown in while sinking into an abyss of depression. You have learned this from past experience.