Original oil painting on canvas with touch up editing.
Digital frame added with U-Lead Photo Impact.

Digitally edited version of the original oil painting on canvas.
Lots of touch up and special effects added
in addition to lettering and digital frame.
The editing accomplished with Corel Painter IX.

Photo of the original oil painting on canvas.
Hand crafted wood frame.
Painting created in the year 1987.
This oil painting is available for sale if you are interested in buying.
Please leave me a message at this web site mail address
and make an offer: mail@stephenlopiano.com

This idea is a spin off using digital photo editing software.
Broderbund Print Shop Deluxe 20 Editing software used here.
Took original painting and stretched out the dimensions.
A Broderbund background template and lettering added.
This idea is part of a collection of graphic designs entitled; Music that inspired artwork.
In this collection I used my artwork and designed a graphic type illustration around the artwork
that portrays the recording artist in music that inspired the artwork.
This was often the result of simply letting my free spirits run while listening to a music recording.