These images are a series of practice paintings.
They started as traditional drawings scanned onto computer.
The scanned drawings were converted to digital images and painted with Corel Painter.
The source of reference for these paintings were magazine photographs.

Wow! Here we have beauty captured in image painted artwork. As an artist I find the capture of visual beauty in life as essential, that is the motivation for painting images that stimulates my innner passion.  The perspective of some people may be: "They're just images of another pretty face and shapely figure". Others believe: The beauty of someone is character, something from the inside and not the outside visual appearance.
As a visual artist invovled in painting, I personally see this temporary visual beauty as God's grace bestowed on women as another of the world's wonders. Like everything else of visual beauty this is temporary in the time line of our measurement and will eventually fade away into something else.
I love to practice painting by capturing these beautiful young women in a visual image. This is captured at a point in time when their beauty has excelled to a height of development.  Their beauty and family jewels are more valuable and precious than cut diamonds, gold, or other metals designed into jewelry. They are worth the effort to persevere over in an attempt to perfect these paintings.  Like all the other wonders of the world this visual beauty deserves capture for archive to look back upon as time goes by. These are some of the beautiful visual wonders that God has created for this world.
My efforts here are not the creator of this beauty, instead a painter's version of God's visual wonders of the world.