This digital Image is the reconstruction of a traditional media pen and ink drawing created in 1980.
Back then I did volunteer work as the layout editor for a college newspaper while pursuing a degree.
For one weekly publication I wrote this article about New Wave music
a new genre that was coming around back then.
I created a pen and ink drawing to accompany the writing of the article about New Wave rock music.
Back then preparation for the newspaper article required a pen and ink drawing
with dot screen pattern shading for grey tone effects.
This grey shading required cutting out pieces of this dot shade pattern with an exacto knife
and sticking them onto overlay sheets taped over the pen and ink drawing.
Recently I used an old poorly taking photo of the drawing that had some flash glare
and decided to reconstruct this drawing into a digital painting.
While reconstructing this image I decided to take out and listen to some old recordings of artists
considered to be part of this genre back then.
Recordings by: The Cars, Talking Heads, The B-52s, Devo, and The Pop
inspired and got me in the mood of this painting subject matter.
The painting was created by scanning the photo of older drawing onto computer,
this photo of the drawing is included here below.