For me interest in art started around my junior year in high school 1969.
As a junior I decided to try a basic art course that turned out to be something
of interest for me.   In those early days I found it challenging to take a photo
and attempt to draw or paint the picture exactly as it appeared in the photo.  
In my sophomore year I decided to try a 2 year half day occupational training
course for commercial art.   Graduated  in 1971 and started my life in
the work world unrelated to anything in art.   A couple of years later my
interest lead to signing up for this two year correspondence school art program.
Completed this program for advertising and illustration art and also a course in
commercial photography from the same school where my occupational education
training was obtained.  At this point my initiative to pursue artwork was directed at
free lance work since my abilitiy to find any employment related to artwork
did not materialize.   For the most part I did not make any profit from work
that I pursued,  everything was done for : practice, free, or at extremely low
cost to anyone interested in buying.     What I received as payment for any work
sold would hardly cover the cost of materials used to create a finished product.
During this time my portfolio was used at a couple of job interviews that did
result in my finding work within engineering departments.  Potential employers
interviewing for jobs were impressed by my pen and ink drawings.
I was hired to work producing master blue prints of drafting designs by tracing
onto a sort of permanent and long lasting type of mylar.

A Self Portrait Painted In Oils
Back in the mid 1980's

During the mid 1970 time frame circumstances lead to my changing career direction.
My educational interests were directed toward a career in accounting as a result of failure to make a living as an artist.
During the 1980's my education continued in college with accounting as a major, eventually completed a Bachelor of Science
program through a state college.  My college education was directed at something decided upon as a result of
extensive guidance counseling.  After taking some risk on several different life changes in an attempt to make a career
work as an artist the end result was serious loss, yet interest in art still remained after the disappointment.
Throughout my first two years of college I was involved in extensive volunteer work where a lot of artwork was produced for
different activities.  Worked volunteer on the school newspaer, art and literary magazine, and other social activities.
Graduated with a lot of extra credits since I would take art related courses to pursue this interest.
Also spent several months involved in a private art gallery helping out on a volunteer basis.
As the mid 1980's came around my way of making a living was a Junior Accountant in government municipal operations.
Although this absorbed most of my time along with another part time job I still managed to produce some fine arts oil paintings.
During these years a lot of sleep was lost trying to fit in some time to work on my passion of creating artwork,
worked many nights without any sleep.   This eventually lead to a very tempermental and cranky person
that finally caught up with me and my career was lost.
During the late 1980's personal circumstances lead to a decision of not spending any time or money producing any artwork.
My time and energy were abosrbed in the direction of something that could provide a way of earning income to make a living.

In a college computer lab my first experience with any form of computer digital art was 1990 trying a program on a Mac
that allowed basic drawing.   This never really lead to any pursuit or interest and seemed to have such limitations
that producing anything comparable to traditional media seemed too complicated and far fetched.
Throughout the 1990's my time was spent in a service career that involved inventory work, this continued until 2004.
During this time frame only several drawings in traditional media were produced.   No time was available or interest in continuing
as a result of past years disappointment through experience.
The year 2004 brought a strange circumstance where I bought a computer intended for helping with my job and personal projects.
The only graphic arts project intended was the possibility of taking old photographs of artwork created in past years
with traditional media and improve their appearance.
A week after buying the computer I was terminated from employment due to a bizarre circumstance.
As a result a lot of time was available with a new computer and internet connection for use job searching or any personal interest.
This was the first time using the internet when I happened to run across information about digital art and started to take interest.
What I discovered has lead to intense interest and something that has abosrbed all my time and energy:
learning, practicing, and producing what you see in this gallery.
This story may leave the impression of a failing loser.  Still I have to defend myself by saying:
"I have really tried to make the best of circumstances and pursued with a serious effort."
"Considering the limited resources available throughout my life, I made the best out of what was available."

Photo At Age 30.

A Self Portrait Digital Art Painting
of More Recent Times.

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